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jQuery Very Simple ContextMenu Plugin

January 28, 2010 22 comments

jQuery Very Simple ContextMenu

Today i am going to release my own build jquery context menu.

Download : jQuery Very Simple Context Menu Plugin

jQuery Very Simple Context Menu Plugin
Their is 3 important file you need to include in your application

1) vscontext.jquery.js (Context Menu Logic File).
2) vscontext.css (Context Menu CSS File).
3) A file which store your click function written on your menu items href attribute, (here i am using menu_action.js). Read more…


Jquery Very Simple Tooltip Plugin, Ajax Enabled

January 21, 2010 28 comments

Jquery Very Simple Tooltip

Today, i am representing my own build jquery tooltip, it is very easy to use and build on very simple logic so that you can further modify its code. use it in your project for free, if you like it or have any suggestions / comments , or you have some idea to make it better, or you need some more fetures in it then pls just drop a comment in the same post.

Download : jQuery Tooltip Plugin

Version 3.0 : Now use separate div tag to store tooltip data on same page.

DEMO : Using separate div tag.
Read more…

Use PEAR MDB2 In Codeigniter

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

I use codeigniter frequently for my project, but what i always need to do is use Pear MDB2 insist of codeigniter ADR, so below is some simple step by which you can use PEAR MDB2 in your codeigniter framework.

Step 1 : Install Pear and add pear folder in your php.ini files include option.

Step 2 : if you already added the database in your autoload.php file for autoloading of your database so pls remove it.

Step 3 : Create one directory named ‘pear’ in application folder. Read more…

Codeigniter Arabic Language Pack

December 31, 2009 4 comments

Now you can use Arabic language in your codeigniter project, by using below language pack. use it for free, i use google language tool to create it so if you found any error or any suggestion just drop a comment in the same post.

For Codeigniter Version 1.7.2

Arabic Language Pack Version 1.0.0

Thanks and happy holiday